Zones and Zoom Level Not Retained

The Visibility Zones are not being saved/restored by a project.
Every time a project is opened, they are going back to the default of all being in the centre, instead of my preference for Inputs on the left zone and Outputs on the right zone.

The Zoom level of the Mixer Window is always going back to fully zoomed out so that the faders are really skinny when a project is opened

I tried updating my saved Workspaces but these are not retaining these preferences either.


I’m sorry, I can’t reproduce it here. The L|C|R MixCOnsole 1 Zones are stored in the project and restored while loading.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for testing. I just opened my project and the zones of the main Mixer window were wrong again. However, I corrected and saved and restarted Cubase and now they opened correctly. Maybe not a problem now then.
I’m sure this has happened a few times before so I will keep an eye out in case they reset and update here if it does.


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I think I must have overwritten the settings in my default project template. or maybe the upgrade changed my template. Eitherway its been okay since.
Not a bug then.

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