Zones for sampler track

A few zones for sampler track should be handy to bring life to samples, for example vocal samples.


Is a zoneless sampler really definable as “sampler” (even if a “basic sampler”)? Are other DAWs’ included samplers really that “basic”?

Hi Geppastro - I have just posted a new Cusbase 9 general topic on the Sampler Track - Ie “Sampler Track” the same as Ableton’s Live 9 Sampler?

I think you can use a vocal sample within Live 9, and mess around with the pitch etc. As used within the song;
" I took a pill in Ibiza" by Mike posner. Which you have to thank the Norwegian SEEB production team for that.
Refer to SOS magazine August 2016 edition.

Link to the SOS magazine for the article in question - not sure if this breaches Steinberg forum policy for external links- my apologies if it may. Only trying to be helpful :-


The Sampler in Cubasis 2 has multiple zoning capabilities… I had been hoping at the very least for a replica of that…

Simpler in Ableton is that simple.

+1 multisample support is an absolute must