Zones Question

Is there anyway to have the track number show next to the track in the Visibility/Zones Window? Is there some pref I can adjust to make this happen (if so, where. I didn’t see any.)?

I would like to be able to recall a track number when using the find track folder. Typing in the name takes much longer and, even then, it only opens up several choices in the drop down menu, which thn requires the mouse to scroll to the selection. If I could just type in the number, that would be much faster. But since the numbers aren’t next to the track names, it’s not an option (unless you have Nuage hardware). Is there any way to set that up? :question:

So, that’s a “No?”

Why is it that EVERYWHERE ELSE there’s track channel information (the desk, the project window, etc.), the numbers are there, but in this one spot there aren’t any numbers and apparently no way to have them be visible in that area? Oversight? :confused:

You could set this up in a template and/or simply rename the tracks in any current projects. Just use the track numbers in the new track names. Then the search function should work as you like and the track numbers will show in the visibility pane. Remember that the “Tab” key will auto advance you to the next track name field in the project window. “Shift+Tab” will take to the previous field. Using “Tab” and the copy/paste text functions can speed up the process considerably. I think there is also a logical preset for renaming tracks.

Yep, that actually worked!!! The down side is that it costs 4 character spaces to insert them, which leaves less space for the track name AND its really odd looking at the “duplicated numbers.” But IT WORKED! :mrgreen: So now, it’s just a decision of the importance of the function over the appearance. Thanks for the tip, much appreciated. :sunglasses:

The advantage of putting the track numbers at the beginning of the track names is when sending to video editors the tracks sort correctly in the Finder/Windows Explorer. They’re not smart enough otherwise…
As you noted it takes up four characters.

The more I visit this issue the more obvious it would seem that those numbers SHOULD already be in that window, just like they are in every other section. Having to add the numbers manually (even via a template) is cumbersome and ridiculously redundant in every other section where the numbers are already included.

It’s even more confusing to look at it on the tracks screen of the MC Control! Instead of seeing MIDI 01: KICK, MIDI 02: Snare, MIDI 03: Hat, etc. It reads 01: MIDI 01, 02: MIDI 02 and 03: MIDI 03 because there’s no more room for the text. :open_mouth: On the audio tracks it reads 17 17: Kick, 18 18: Snare, etc. on the DAW and 17: Kick (17), 18: Snare (18), etc. on the MC Control. It really screws up the visual feedback. :confused:

I think that this is something that they really need to take a look at! :frowning:

I requested something similar a while ago. Would be nice to navigate via track number.

Not of any help but … you can do that on Nuage …


I know. That’s why I tried typing the number(s) in to see if it would work manually. When it didn’t, I launched this thread.