How do I access the ‘Zones Tab’ that is near the Inspector/Visibility area? Can’t seem to find it. Thanks

There is no “zones” tab near the inspector / Visibility area, that´s why you cant find / access it.

In the manual on p. 315-316 it talks about the zones tab to lock the position of certain channels. I’d like to lock the position of the stereo out on the mix console so that it is always visible no matter where I’m scrolling to.

Click here on the Mixer window and enable channel selector:

I don’t have those choices. I’ve got Status Line, Info Line, Overview line, inspector, and Racks

Then you’re clicking this button on the project window (track list). The one on the MixConsole has different options.

Magic!! I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the time/frustration you just saved me.

This is the cannel selection Tab in the MixConsole.
The Inspector is in the Project window