Zoom Adjustment....So Very Very Small

Hello Everyone,

I know that this may be a long shot, but I find that the zoom adjustment slider bottom right of the main window and editor windows to be very small, and the focus required to grab the little ball is troublesome. When I attempt to land my mouse pointer on the little ball, I often end up clicking either to the left or right of it, and the zoom setting changes drastically, more that the minor adjustment I am attempting to execute. I know that the G and H keys are an option, but I am wondering if there is a way to give the mouse-driven user a little more stage presence on that control.


Is it nicer for you if you use the scroll wheel while hovering over the control? You get tick-based, fine grain movement this way.

You can also achieve this by hovering the mouse over the project and holding Control (/Cmd?) and scrolling the mouse wheel.

For more precise control in the project view, I suggest using the Overview Line. You can drag the edges of the view in an exact way.

This works well for me - Thank-you.

np! ^-^