Zoom and copy name question

For some reason I cannot find how to do the following in N5:

  1. If I select Shift-F it zooms Full but only in length. In N4 there was also a way to have it zoom where the tracks would get expanded vertically to fill the screen. I can’t find that command in N5. Can someone tell me what it’s called so I can map a key command to it?

  2. When I duplicate a track it is automatically named “Copy of…”. I can’t find in the preferences where I could change that to no put Copy of in front of the name. I’m still looking but I can’t find it. I’m also reading the manual but so far I have not found any note about it. Is it possible?



Zoom vertical and zoom horizontal are two different commands.

You may be looking for “zoom to selection”

this command will do horizontal and vertical zooming.

To zoom selected track vertically, use Zoom In Tracks. I think this defaults to Alt-UP and ALT-DOWN arrows.

To zoom the selected track, and colapse all the others… Zoom Tracks Exlusive

After assigning any of these to keycommands… it’s a good idea to set a command for UNDO zoom also.

There is no pref for “copy of” that I am aware of. You could probably use the project logical editor for this though


Somehow I remember in N4 I had found a command that zoomed the entire project both width and height wise. I don’t have the machine with N4 available right now to check.