Zoom and ruler settings not saved with project

I’ve been using the Cubase Pro 8.0.10 Trial - now expired.
It will be a great upgrade from Cubase 6 which I own.

However, I found that version 8 does not save zoom and ruler settings with a project.

Project A
Adjust the zoom on the Arrange Page to show the whole project.
Set the ruler to Bars+Beats and Bars+Beats Linear.
Save the project and close it.

Open Project B
It’s zoom and ruler settings have changed to those of Project A.
Correct its settings and save.

Reopen Project A
Its settings have changed to those of Project B.

I originally posted this in the General forum section:
Two people replied that they saw the same problems.

Thanks for your help.

I experience the same issue, even on 8.0.20

This issue report, which I’d posted in Issue Reports, has been moved to Miscellaneous.
I’m not sure why. I thought I’d followed the Issue posting rules.
Thanks for your help.

Is this not considered to be an issue by other users?

I’m on 8.5.3 and this is still an issue.

At the moment, I’m alternating between projects using a seconds and minutes ruler, and those needing a beats and bars grid, and the fact that this isn’t saved per project is really annoying. Having to reset it each time you open a project is one of many small issues that slow everything down - since I upgraded from Cubase 5 last year, I’m spending about half an hour a day extra because of all these new problems, which all adds up. Really pining for the stripped down speed of Cubase 5 rather than the overblown sluggishness of 8.5…