ZOOM behaviour in play mode

Hi fellows,

Could somebody check if they can reproduce this behaviour?

When a write and a play windows are open at the same time, to zoom in the play mode with the mouse wheel, I need to activate the play window then hover over the write window for the zoom to kick in.
I’m on Mac with two screens, but the behaviour is the same when the windows are sharing a screen or not

Well I can’t speak for Macs, but in Windows what you are doing is letting the Operating System handle the zoom as opposed to Dorico i.e. If you select a window and move the mouse wheel whilst keeping the mouse on that window then the program zooms, but if you select a window then place the mouse over another “inactive” window WITHOUT selecting it, then the OS zooms. This was widely available in Linux OS decades ago and now it’s been imitated in Windows 10. It’s very useful because then you can scroll, zoom, etc. on different windows/applications without actually having to select them. I think it’s called multi-tasking navigation or something like that…

You right it might be useful and I don’t if it’s possible on Mac. But this is not the problem i’m facing : to zoom in the play window, I need to activate it then hover over the inactive write window for the zoom to kick in in the play window. It’s like if the zoom only works when over the main window but effects the active window.

You’re right, Québ. This is the expected behaviour for the time being, but I agree it would be nice if Play mode could also respond to mouse wheel events when not in focus.

I’m not sure I was clear. My problem is that the play window doesn’t zoom when in focus.
So I have write mode as my main window on screen 1 and play mode as a second window on screen 2. To zoom in play mode, I need to click (activate, in focus…) the play window, then move my cursor back over the write window without clicking it to zoom. Is this the normal behaviour?