Zoom centered on an object?

How can I make Dorico 3.5 zoom centered on a highlighted object?

In general this is how zooming does work, if you use Z or X to zoom in or out, or if you pinch on your trackpad (assuming you have one).

Thank you. I should tell you that yesterday Dorico got into a state where pressing Command key invoked uncontrollable movements, back and forth side to side continuing as long as the key was held down. Combination presses with other keys in addition to the Command key invoked the same behavior. I tried this running Text Edit. Nothing unusual happened. It seemed to be specific to Dorico. A computer restart didn’t fix it. What fixed it was shutting down and powering back up. No problems since then. Far as I could tell, it was Dorico and no other apps doing this. If that’s all it ever does I’m happy because I know how to fix it.

That sounds very strange. Pressing the Command key on its own won’t do anything in Dorico, so it sounds as if somehow something else was also pressed down. Is there any chance you had another key on your keyboard depressed by the corner of your MIDI keyboard, or a book, or (usually the case when I find my computer suddenly inputting a string of zeroes) a particularly insistent cat?


Several times now I’ve pushed late at night, fell asleep on the couch with my hands on my laptop, and awoke later to find a string of random notes written on the staff… Sounded like Philip Glass…