Zoom-centering in Cubase 13

Hi all,

Just upgraded to 13 from 12. Has something changed within Cubase 13? I noticed that when I try to zoom in / out using the G and H keys as I’ve done for 20 some-odd years… Cubase will latch on to the cursor and center it’s zoom in/out on that. Now, it jumps to the Left Locator and zooms in/out on THAT. Is this a new feature? Can it be changed (PLEASE say yes, or I’m in trouble)?

Does anyone know where to change this? I’ve been searching around and can’t seem to find it, even on a couple Googs searches.

Ok, found it just by reading through all the Preferences. This is a new one for me! I’ve never seen this before.

On MacOS, Cubase → Preferences - > Editing → Zoom → USE SELECTION START AS ZOOM ANCHOR.

Uncheck this and you’re good to go! :smiley: