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Hello All,

Composition teacher here. I do a lot of lessons over zoom with Dorico which worked brilliantly until yesterday. When I 1) turn on share sound on zoom and 2) change my device to Zoom it would always work. Until now, when there is simply no option for a zoom device. I also purchases a monitor which has speakers and that was the only other option save for my laptop onboard speakers I could find.

Essential to fix. Any ideas?

I use Voicemeter Banana. Confusing to set up, but powerful and works great. And free.

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I repeatedly find that Zoom messes up audio on macOs due to some kind of driver thing. I can’t reproduce it but it happens under some set of circumstances. When this happens the audio in multiple apps is messed up, not just Dorico, as if no audio devices can be opened regardless of which one, even zoom’s own audio device. In this case the safest method of recovery is a reboot (very rare thing to have to do, on macOs) because almost nothing else will reliably reset the audio devices.

Zoom also seems to sometimes (but not always?) hide the zoom audio device until the zoom call is active (not ‘waiting to join’). So trying to change the audio device will not show the zoom device, until the call is under way.

A possible alternative is to set Dorico audio to a software loopback device (for example there is a freeware macOs one called “VB-Cable”). Then in zoom, use the sound source of this loopback device as the ‘input/microphone’. But this depends on your other a/v setup such as your actual physical microphone, or mixer, etc because the only audio anyone would hear in that case would be the software loopback’s audio. In which case an Aggregate device might help or might not… etc.

I use Voicemeeter Potato. I thought you pay for it via the contribution level you choose:

As it is indeed confusing until you know it, there are a lot of youtubes about how to do it.

If you have an audio interface with more than 2 channels, Zoom has a new feature that lets you assign specific interface channels to Zoom. This option is not visible if you have only 2 channels. I’ve found this very helpful.

I have Dorico on channels 11/12 and in the preferences setting I have channels 1, 2, 11, & 12 active.

You need to have Original Music turned on both in the Preferences and via the button in the top left corner of the main window.