Zoom Control


I’m a long time Logic user and have made the plunge into Cubase for various reasons. Unfortunately, I’m experiencing a pretty big issue right out of the gate that I reeeeeeally would like to find a fix for. Having come from Logic, I’m very much used to it’s interface and particularly how it zooms in and out via scrolling with modifiers. Because I’ve worked this way forever and will (unfortunately) have to continue to use Logic at work I was hoping Cubase (at home) could be tailored in such a way so that zooming would be exactly like Logic’s. It’s no fault of either DAW, just the nature of switching.

I know Cubase is very flexible in its ability to customize hundreds of parameters so I was hoping something as basic as zooming might be able to be changed in this specific way? As you might imagine, trying to do one very basic thing on a daily basis between two sequencers that do it very differently really messes with one’s head. Imagine driving a car and turning the wheel to the right and the car goes to the left - that’s how I feel!

I’ve attempted to use 3rd party apps such as keyboard maestro and BetterTouchTool to alter specific scroll and modifier messages and but they are pretty clunky and haven’t had much success. I certainly would hate for this to be the reason why I couldn’t function in Cubase and have to ultimately not use it - after all, who could drive a car that turned the opposite way you’ve been driving it for years!

So, there are only four functions that would need to be changed to make my life a billion times easier.

Logic zoom settings to be duplicated in Cubase:

Zoom In: option + command + scroll down
Zoom Out: option + command + scroll up

Zoom In: option + scroll down
Zoom Out: option + scroll up

Any and all information on how this can be achieved would be very much appreciated!


Hi and welcome,

I’m afraid, there is no solution without 3rd utility. You cannot control the mouse scrolling behaviour in Cubase.

Your “TIMELINE” way (Zoom Horizontally) works in Cubase. But the “TRACKS” way (Zoom Vertically) doesn’t work like this in Cubase. And you cannot set it up.

Out-of-box idea… What about to buy some 3rd party HW device, which could solve it? Like Griffin PowerMate for example?