ZOOM / CURSOR / RULER Between Projects

I’ve fighting with this problem for a long, is there any option to open a project keeping all the things where I leave? (Cursor, Main ruler, Zoom, Windows, etc).
I tried with the option in preferences but the Main Ruler, Cursor and the Zoom doesn’t keep their positions after closing the project.
I’m a musician and I work with short projects with BAR/BEATS view, and the whole film (let’s say 1:30 / 2 hours) with TC, every time I switch between projects I have to: Change the Main Ruler, Locate the cursor and the Scene where I was working and adjust the Zoom to it.
It’s senseless, I can’t find any good use of this, I’m in Nuendo 7 and testing 8.0.15, but it’s exactly the same.
Any idea about how to fix it or if for Steinberg this is not a bug, do you have any idea about how to let the whole project at the same place than when I closed?

Same here and it’s the same in Cubase. It’s maddening!