Zoom Display function

I would like to see some kind of a “zoom display function” (something like the function in Ableton) The Rack/mediabay section window in Cubase 8 Pro takes a lot of space. Some kind of a fast hide/see click button will be helpfull to “including inspector”. Another thing is that i woul like to see, customizable font types and sizes. In my opinion the fonts on tracks in C8 are too large and bold.

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I agree. The open/close method of Rack/ Media bay is slow and unintuitive ( took me ages to find). Also the track name fonts are too big and look fuzzy. Can we please have an preference option for this.

Very true. These bold fonts are a bad decision. Nobody asked this, I think. And why on tracks specifically? If you do not see, we do not see anywhere else either … At least be able to choose. Note: reduces the width of the vertical scroll bars so that they are difficult to grasp, but it bigger the typography of tracks!