Zoom down to sample level

i can’t zoom down to sample level? is there anything i missed?
I can zoom in to a pretty near waveform but not down to the sample level… :open_mouth:


You can’t do it in the project window.
Double cLick the event to open it in the sample editor where you can zoom to sample level and do a lot of other things as well.

awww, the horror of the sample editor - who really uses that thing ??
I’m so used to do my stuff inside to project window, because of: “working in contexed” …
pleeeeaaaase, get rid of that silly thing :slight_smile: !!

Same with not being able to use the hitpoint/ warp thing in contexed … horror!

anyway, thanks man!

@Steinberg, please make thing useable inside the project window - the whole sample editor is just a waste of time and resources :wink: !!

I am, and I couldn’t live without it.


But, if you could do everything within the project window - could you live without an extra window for it? :slight_smile:

They have export to Wavelab now :laughing:

True :laughing: