Zoom factor/sensitivity on zoom shortcuts

I have been using wavelab for many years and one of my most used short cuts is Zoom.

In older versions of wavelab, it was enough to press the zoom shortcut 3 or 4 times to zoom into the place
I wanted. In Wavelab 7 and 8, I have to press 20 times to zoom into the same place. I find my self pressing and
holding the zoom shorcut to zoom in and out and for me, it is much more time consuming than in older versions.

I know there are several ways to zoom in wavelab, but this is my favorite way of zooming, and I miss the zoom factor/sensitivity from older versions of wavelab.

My question is:

Is there a setting for this shortcut zoom factor/sensitivity ?

I can see a zoom factor setting, but is for something else.

I agree that zooming via keystroke shortcut is too slow (too many increments). I have given up on zooming with my keyboard shortcut and just use the scroll wheel which I’ve gotten used to, but would prefer the keystroke if it can be adjusted to be faster to zoom in close.

I agree a customization should be added.