Zoom follows coursor? There is a Way to switch off


There is a way/option to turn off zoom follows coursor? In Cubase 10 i editing in realtime, when song goin. Auto-Scroll is off but when i want o zoom in/zoom out the screen go centered to scroll position (i dont know is a good word,but i thing is clear for everybody)
I remember in cubase 6.5 witch i use many years i dont have this problem.
Finnaly i move to C10 and have this annoying issue.
Many thanks


I’m afraid this is not possible.

Hold Control (or Command if on Mac) and use your mouse wheel to zoom. This will zoom according to the mouse position. Or use the zoom tool.

I use G & H to zoom in/zoom out.
When coursor is on the screen zooming goes to the coursor possition. Wven the auto scroll and grid is off. I dont know why this happen:(