Zoom full option behaves weird in a single project

Hi there,

I have a problem with “zoom full” option in Nuendo…
But, only in a single new project.
When I press the key command for the option, it doesn’t zoom the entire project to fit the screen.
Let’s say it zooms to 3/4 of the projects’ entire length.
The project isn’t long, it’s a cca 4min and I’ve checked the Project dialog just to be sure I didn’t set the project length.
If I move the audio tracks further in the edit window, it stills acts the same.
I recorded 2 mono tracks of audio and noticed that the option isn’t working.

I opened older projects of similar length and the option works as it should.
When I start a new project, the options works as it should.

I’m on Win 10 and Nuendo v7.1.35

Any ideas how to fix this singular situation?
thanks for the help.