ZOOM G2NU and cubase

hello world

i just bougth a ZOOM G2NU with cubase LE 5 bundle.
i just intalled cubase on my computer, and after some little problem cubase works for midi playing.

but actually i cant use the G2NU as an audio interface for recording audio tracks.
(USB codec port from the zoom is rightly detected by cubase, output works but not input)

pls excuse my english and ask me if you dont uderstand

Follow the setup guide.

You need to select the Zoom ASIO driver in Cubase. Then the Zoom will be your sound card so you will have to monitor through the zoom.

thx but its not the real problem

first no i can heard sound from midi (and audio files (in cubase))
the problem is only i cant record sound from G2NU and i have a lot of shuffle and noise
but i have sound from cubase by th G2NU output

Check your input in the connections and make sure you select the correct input on the channel selection.

Also try raising the buffer size in your devices control panel.

i selcted input : generic low latency driver ->Microphone (2- USB Audio CODEC 1) left, idem for right input
i selcetec ouptut : generic low latency driver ->haut parleur(2- USB Audio CODEC 1) left, idem for right ouptut

when i play midi or audio file, i can heard sound on the output from the G2NU (USB device)
but when i record and play guitar, there is no sound recording.

i just tryed to up the audio buffer size to 50ms but there is nothing change.

(about that i can see the input/output latency : 20ms, i think iths very high)


As I thought, you are using the wrong driver!

You should be using the ASIO driver that comes with your device, you can download the latest version from the zoom site.

ok, i just found,

cubase works with ASIO4ALL V2 driver
but i try with the G2NU driver who can be found ont the zoom website… i dont understand why but cubase dont reconize it

There are three ASIO driver,s one for W7 64 bit, one for W7 32 bit, and one for XP 32bit.
Did you download the correct one for your OS?