Zoom G5 Edit&Share Loses Connection when starting Cubase 9 on UR-824

Hi. I am a guitar player and use Cubase Pro 9 with UR824 on Windows 10 Version 1703 for songwriting and recordings for my band.
Whenever I start Cubase 9, the USB connection to the Zoom G5 is disonnected, I cannot edit sounds. Seems like cubase takes prio on USB Connections and kicks off the Zoom Edit &Share Software. I have found, that I first have to start Zoom Software and then Cubase. This worked OK before Windows Update to 1703. I have updated everything since this problem, lastest is: Cubase V 9.0.30, UR-824 driver: 1.9.10. , Zoom Edit&Share Software 5.0.0 .
I have tried all other USB ports, same problem on all ports.
I really like the Zoom G5 Guitareffectspedal, I am using it live and for recordings. It has an Asio-Compatible USB Interface for recording and effects editing. But I am recording it analog via UR-824, so the Zoom Asio driver is not enabled.I also uninstalled the Zoom ASIO driver, no solution.
And now the annoying part : Most Cubase presets disconnect the Zoom software directly on startup, but If I load some of the original Steinberg presets, Zoom Software stays connected. I can change Volume & Balance, VST Effects : no Problem. But if i touch UR-824 Routing, or UR-824 Builtin effects, or even add an additional Audio Track and change the Input channel, Zoom software gets disconnected. I do need more tracks, and cannot stay on the Steinberg presets.
Hopefully one of you had a similar experience with some other USB-Hardware, and I know that Zoom G5 is deprecated for the new G5N.
You have an idea for a setting in Cubase I can try ? Any Hints on how I can start debug ? Thank you!!!