Zoom H1 with Cubase

I’m trying to get a Zoom H1 to work with Cubase but when I go to switch device
It says “No device”
I can see the ASIO driver that I installed in the list and it does ask If I want to switch, (But when I do it’s NO device)
The driver is the latest one and Windows Explorer pops up to show the storage of the H1.

I had a similar problem with my Zoom H1. I could use it as a storage device, but it wouldn’t work as an audio device (can’t remember the exact details). I found it was the USB cable I was using that was the issue.

Have you followed the instructions in the manual to set the H1 to audio interface mode, with the USB cable connected, while switching it on?

Thanks for the help
Is there a special cable I need ?
I didn’t see the bit about setting it to audio interface mode.
I’ll try these tomorrow thanks guys

No special cable, just a regular USB cable.

First, make sure you have firmware 2.10 installed on the H1 (available at this link). You’ll also need the “H Series ASIO Driver” installed on the computer.

With the H1 switched off, connect it to the computer.

Switch on the H1, and briefly press the record button while “AUdIo” is displayed on the H1. Use the << and >> buttons to select the desired sample rate, and then confirm by briefly pressing the record button again.

The full instructions are in a PDF called “H1_Ver.2_Supplemental_Manual.pdf”, which you’ll find in the zip file along with firmware 2.10 at the link given above.


The ZOOM ASIO driver is not reliable. Use ASIO4ALL instead.

So, on my PC it now works fine as expected but, not on my laptop,
Unfortunately I want it on my laptop so I can sing in the shed and then transfer to my PC for the main project.
Ill try ASIO4ALL
Any ideas ?

I’ve given up with the Zoom H1 and got The NI KA6 back in action.
Thanks for all your help guys.