Zoom H4n audio interface with Cubasis

I have search the forum to see if there is any difficulty in using Zoom H4n as an audio interface with iPad iOS 8 and Cubasis. The H4n is Class Compliant and connects to Garage band, well i get a signal in GB. I have not yet recorded anything in GB.
I have connected the H4n to a powered USB dock and connected the iPad Air 2 via a Apple Lightning adaptor cable to the USB primary port. I get no signal in Cubasis.
I have checked Cubasis using an UR44 and that works okay.
I know that Apple makes it very difficult for its users who stray from the pack but I have a H4n and I like it and it is very convenient.
That failing is there another bridging app that can make the link from H4n into Cubasis.
I am sure this question will have come up before but every search takes me to the Cubase Forum!

Edit: I have no signal in GB either. The signal I was picking up was the built in ipad mic!
So I guess it is a no go, pity

Hi dumiya,

Since you’ve pointed out that the device seems not to work fully with either Apple’s GarageBand for iOS and Cubasis it seems to be incompatible. Unfortunately we’re not equipped with the device so we can’t give it a check ourselves.

Please get in touch with Zoom about the issue and let them know that we support them with a version for test purposes if required.