zoom H4n + Cubase 8.5.2

I’m running Cubase 8.5.2 on Win7 64.
Now trying to use it with Zoom H4n as audio interface.
All the drivers/firmwares are latest,
Windows recognizing Zoom, so I can play/record via Zoom in Windows,
but not in Cubase.

Cubase switched to H4n asio,
(F4)- in/outs connected properly,
but there is no in/out signal.

Please, help!

do you want to record directly with this into Cubase or just transmit recorded audio-signals to any track in Cubase?

Hi - I use an H4n and H6. It’s easy and convenient to record directly to the Zoom recorder. Then, eject the SD card and insert into PC and import directly. Though, if your PC hasn’t got an SD slot, you’ll need a USB/SD dongle.

I had a lot of trouble getting my Zoom drivers to work ages ago, I found them quite unreliable. I think I ended up using ASIO4All but it again it only worked some of the time… Reboot, set audio up, nope, reboot, set audio up, nope, reboot, set audio up, YES - until next time :frowning:


I’m still trying to use H4n as audio interface…