ZOOM H4N interface with Cubase LE4 for Vista 64bit

I am having a great deal of trouble getting my Zoom H4N handi recorder to interface with my Cubase program on my computer. I have followed all the directions and it shows a signal on my sound card “microphone”, but I cannot get a signal in Cubase.
“Make sure in Cubase in the devices > Device Setup. In the VST audio system you have the Zoom set as the ASIO driver.
Then go into the Devices > VST COnnections and make sure you have inputs and outputs assigned. If you so not connected in either tab that means Cubase is not connecting to the Zoom you can click in there and should be able to assign the busses to ports on the zoom.”
Once its set like that Cubase will record from the Zoom and playback out of the Zoom."

Under Device Setup, I have only to ASIO Driver choices: Creative ASIO and ASIO DirctX Full Duplex Driver. H4N or Zoom isn’t listed so I don’t know if my sound card is overriding it?

Same goes for VST Connections. Under Device Ports there is no Zoom showing for me to assign. I tried Mic’s SPDIF and Line In options.

I’m looking on the forum and see not discussion in the same vein. Hope I can find someone who can help out please?