ZOOM H6 as Audio Interface

I am attempting to use my Zoom H6 as an audio interface. using Win 10 and Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5.

Following directions that I am finding online. I am suppose to go to the “Devices” tab in the Cubase Menu. My problem is that there is no “Devices” tab. Curious if everything I am reading are old directions and there is another way.

Any help or direction on where i can find directions would be greatly appreciated. Until then, Will continue searching.

“Devices” has been renamed to “Studio”, and “Device Setup” is now “Studio Setup”.

The new name makes it clearer that this menu isn’t just for hardware. You can find Cubase’s mixer and VST plugin manager here too, for example.

Thank you, that helped a lot!

Now to get the vocal to record…