Zoom horizontal scroll

ive just moved from Cubase to Nuendo and im missing the way ive been zooming in cubase.

zoom in horizontally : Shift + Command +scroll up. this is what i have on cubase

where can i adjust that settings in Nuendo or cubase?

im using mac

Zooming horizontally (using the mouse/trackpad scroll) is done by holding down only the “Command” key. If you meant “vertically”, the “G” and “H” keys in combination with the “Shift” key down would do the trick. Are you sure [“Shift” + “Command” + Scroll] vertically zoomed?

Thank you for your response!
in cubase i can press command + control ( it could be only command but in my mac system command and scroll will zoom the screen)

im used to press shift + command then scroll and it works for horizontal zoom and i cant remember if it was settings that ive changed

This might help.