Zoom Horizontally, but not vertically

I can zoom in and out horizontally by holding down Command and scrolling left tot right on the Magic Mouse. Which is what I want, although it goes way too fast and could be a little more slower and precise.

However, you cannot zoom in and out VERTICALLY by the same method. In fact, you can’t zoom vertically scrolling on the mouse at all.

I have tried programming Key Commands, but that doesn’t work either.

For intuitive work flow, one would think that if you could zoom horizontally using the mouse, you could also zoom vertically (like Logic).

This is crucial for efficiency and workflow.


Use Shift + G/H to Zoom Out/In Vertically.

Thanks, but the whole point is to use the mouse touch surface for zoom for efficiency and workflow. Horizontally already works, but vertical zoom as well like you would horizontal.

I know of the gh and shift+g/h but that is counter intuitive.

So if cubase already has horizontal zoom for the mouse, wouldn’t it be logical to have vertical as well?! (I hate to bring this up, but like Logic!?!)


I see. No, there is no Vertical Zoom possible the same way as you can Zoom Horizontally by using mouse + modifier.