zoom in automation tracks vertically, more than maximum?

I’m trying to automate the delay knob of vst plugin ValhallaFreqEcho (freeware).
The problem is that I need to specify really really small differences in the automation track, because only then it sounds like I want. Values of this parameter can be from below 1 Hz to several thousands Hz, so there is a big range here! I don’t seem to be able to zoom in vertically enough to be able to automate those really low values (automation looks pretty much like its not automated at all when zoomed out). I can use the mouse and manually record it. But the things I want to do can’t really be done by hand (perfectly synced).

Any ideas how to go around this? Can you zoom in more in some way?

MIDI CC’s is not an option I guess (the limit of 0…127).

Take a look at this screenshot if you don’t understand what I mean.

Try opening the info line, you can then type the value of the selected automation point/s directly or use the mouse wheel.

I didn’t think of looking for that… this might work! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Tips for using the info line:

Also you can use the cursor keys to go to prev/next point. And, then shift-Prev/Next to multi-select. Then with multi-select all the points move relative when you edit the info line (use Alt-left click on the value to get a nice slider, or use the mouse wheel, or just type in). Finally, if you Ctrl-Enter the value then they all get set to the same value.

These things are very useful for quick and fine automation adjustments.