Zoom in issue

Hi, every one.
I’m Han, Chief sound engineer of Red House Studio in Korea,

Recently , I found very weird behavior . I couldn’t zoom in less than 200ms horizontally in track view. (I could zoom in less than 200ms in editing view). Funny thing is I could zoom in less than 200ms in some of projects. I didn’t change anything in project set up and preferences.

Just some project allow me that zoom in less than 200 ms and others are not.

Do you have any idea to solve this ?

This is very inconvenience .

P.S : Upper 200ms means , preset of horizontal zoom bar of right down side corner in Track view

Hi everyone,
I have the same issue, I’m trying to solve. Started a month ago and I can’t find an answer to that.
I can barely handle editing. It’s really annoying. Some projects are OK, some are “unzoomable” to less than 200ms. Again I hadn’t change any preferences.

Vasko Raykov,
Sound engineer at UrbanHouse Studio
Sofia, Bulgaria