Zoom in on lanes

Is there a keyboard command or a setting that makes it so when you click “Show Lanes” on a track, Cubase will vertically zoom into those lanes until they all fit the screen and all you see are those lanes?

For example, right now I have a track with 18 lanes that I need to comp. When I click “Show Lanes,” I see the lanes but they’re so small the waveform doesn’t appear. So then I do the thing where I start vertically zooming in and out while also scrolling until they seem to be a decent size. I’m really hoping there’s a quicker way to do this that I’m not aware of.


One possible idea. You could make a macro that shows only the selected tracks (hiding all others), shows lanes on the current track(s) then zooms to show all selected (zoom tracks full)?


Select the first lane, hold and select the last lane, move the mouse to one of the bounderies, press the left mouse and move it up or down - voila :slight_smile: