Zoom in/out on N11 is way more lag than N10 on my PC

In the video, you can see zooming in/out on N10 is way faster than on N11.
This is the same project file.
Also, the “key commands” page has really slow loading to pop out on N11.
Can anyone help me solving these?

Key commands dialog verrrrry slow to open here too…

No issues with zoom on N11.0.20. Key commands edit window takes 6 seconds to load and has been like that since N9.

regarding the long loading times for the key commands edit window: can you check if the behaviour is the same when you temporary disable all 3rd party plugins?



I did this a while back but can’t remember what the results were now. I’ll check it a bit later when I’m the studio and report back. Not a show stopper by any means :blush:

Hi, just let you know. I solved these two problems after creating a new user account of win 10. FYI

That’s it? That helped the key commands dialog load time too?

Ya, you can try adding a new account and see if it works on it.

I’d suspect bad RAM memory management from the OS. Or bad cache management. With a different or new account, you get new caches.

If you do regular maintenance on the system drive, this might stop that, try deleting caches.

Haha, I’ve tried delete all kind of caches but it didn’t work at all. Maybe I still haven’t tried the right one. This issue has bothered me for a long time since I bought the N11 upgrade.I still have my N10 on my system, and it has no problem at all. So I’m glad it works right now by this solution.

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