Zoom in Place with Keys G and H?

Sorry this week I did a lot questions but Im still understanding a bit of how Cubase works for improve my workflow

Is there way to make Zoom in a determinate place using keys H - G ?

I found this shortcut very useful but all the time Ive use is making zoom wherever cubase wants or seems like that, I would like to be able to zoom as if I where using the tool for zooming (key 6) in a section of the playlist


The G and H KeyCommands always zoom around the Cursor (Playback head).

Be aware of the different behavior of the cursor or playback head as it can either scroll from window side to side, one it gets yo the end the whole window moves, or it can remain stationary in the center iof the window then the project window scrolls continually. It changes what happens when you zoom in and out using G and H.