Zoom in Play mode

I can zoom in and out in play mode by dragging up and down in the ruler.
The key commands Z and X however don’t work in play mode (they do in write, engrave and setup mode).
I read somewhere they should.?

Ctrl + scrollwheel in the black area underneath the tracks zooms in and out the display

Z and X do work unless you have modified your shortcuts.

In my case Z and X do work in write, engrave and setup mode (Key Commands/View/Zoom In and Zoom Out, which I didn’t modify). But unfortunately they really don’t work in Play mode. I couldn’t find a separate Key Command for Zoom in and out in Play mode in preferences either, so there must be something else the matter.

Try resetting your key commands to the defaults. It is the same View/Zoom In/Out command in both modes, but there’s some internal data that has changed in 1.1 and you need to reset the key commands for it to take effect.

That did it! Thanks