Zoom in Timeline

ive just moved from Cubase to Nuendo and im missing the way ive been zooming in cubase.

zoom in horizontally : Shift + Command +scroll up. this is what i have on cubase

where can i adjust that settings in Nuendo?

For me, in both Cubase and Nuendo it’s just the Ctrl key (Command on Mac?) and the scroll wheel will zoom in and out. I’m not even sure if that’s configurable somewhere (besides Keyboard Commands for normal hotkeys - I have my zoom in/out as = and - respectively for instance)

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Thank you for your response!
im using mac, in cubase i can press command + control ( maybe it could be only command but in my mac system command and scroll will zoom the screen)

im used to press shift + command then scroll and it works for horizontal zoom and i cant remember if it was settings that ive changed

You can use the Zoom in and out key assignment to assign any key. So your favorite keys.
I also put fixed zoom presets on the keyboard.

There is a Preference in Transport called “Zoom while Locating in Time Scale”. Maybe it is not activated yet?

yeah but im used to zoom instead of pressing G or H, i zoom by Command+shift and scrolling

it is activated but this option is when holding the click on the ruler and pulling down will zoom in- up will zoom out

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Almost anything can be remapped using Nuendo’s “keyboard shortcuts”
If you also want to reassign mouse and scroll wheel functions, remapping software can help:
Keymanager von ATNSoft:

This also allows the scroll wheel and the mouse buttons to be reassigned to Nuendo functions. I use that on every computer.
The combination of both functions should be able to translate this into your habits.

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thank you i will give it a try