Zoom JUST the selected track key command?

The “enlarge selected track” feature has good intentions but is faulty. It gets messed up the more you enlarge using zoom keys. Ends up that the size you chose tracks to enlarge to becomes smaller than all the other tracks when you zoom in far enough.
I just want to simply ENLARGE the track i have currently selected…examine it…and undo the enlargement!
Its in the EDIT menu under Zoom, and it works perfect, but for some reason it is NOT A KEY COMMAND item to add a shortcut to. WHY?
I get what zoom mem and zap are supposed to do. Why something so simple as to enlarge one track be so not simple… ugh.

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You misunderstood the intention/scope of the “enlarge selected track” prefs command.

You want Zoom in and Zoom out tracks

That zooms all tracks, does it not? Just want the selected track enlarged.

Answered my own question. It indeed zooms only the selected track, however incrementally only. Zoom selected track in edit menu (for me at least) jumps to large view. And then can be collapsed when done. This is exactly what i want, but for some reason it is not an option in my key command menu under EDIT.

It is in the Key Commands Dialog under Edit though.


Hey DTS Wanted to check in to see if you came up with a workaround that you liked. Also wanted to see if anyone else had any workarounds. I have two. They both have compromises and one has a limitation. Also wondering if maybe the whole time the function is hidden somewhere in the key commands list, just under a different name. Heres 2 workarounds I have so far:

Limitiations: Mac only
Compromise: Its a tiny bit buggy (at least in Ableton it is, I’m just dipping my toe into cubase right now, so I’m not sure if its buggy in this DAW as well).
If you are on a Mac you can assign any menu item in any program to a keyboard shortcut using control, option, and command as modifier keys followed by one letter (ex ⌘G, ⌥G, or ⌃G). Its in system prefs–Keyboard–Shortcuts–App Shorcuts. You can make the keyboard shortcut app specific so that it only happens in Cubase. Since the “Zoom Selected Tracks” is in the Edit Menu, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

This method isn’t that great for me with Cubase specifically because I actually want the keyboard shortcut for “Zoom Selected Tracks” to just be a single letter key press, which the system prefs shortcuts doesn’t allow for.

Compromise: You have to expand with one keyboard shortcut and collapse with a different one. With the 1st method you are able to use the same keyboard shortcut to expand and collapse.
Possible Benefit: you can customize how much it expands by, which I’m not sure you can do with the edit menu item (but I could be totally wrong on that)
In the Key Commands window press “Show Macros”, then under Macros hit the “New” bubble and name the macro whatever you want. Then go up to the key commands section and find “Zoom - Zoom In Tracks” and highlight it. Then go back down to the macro section and hit the “Add” bubble a bunch of times. The more times you hit add the more the track will expand. After you’ve hit “Add” however many times you wanted to, go up to the Key Command Section and expand the “Macro” Folder and find your newly created Macro. And then Assign that to whatever key command you want.

This will only expand the track height. From there, you have many different options on how to collapse the track, but it would need to be a different key stroke. For me, I like to work with tracks collapsed small, and then expand a single or group of tracks vertically to maybe look at them or work on them, then collapse everything back to small. So for me Ill just plan to use a collapse all tracks keyboard shortcut to collapse it. If you wanted to set uo a a single track collapse, you could repeat the above method, but using “Zoom - Zoom Out Tracks” instead of “Zoom In”. But I haven’t actually tried this so I don’t know if maybe there is a catch to doing it that way.

I think I might have been confused about what OP is looking for. They are looking for “Edit → Enlarge Selected track” and I thought they were talking about “Edit → Zoom → Zoom Selected Tracks”

In my post above I’m talking about “Edit → Zoom → Zoom Selected Tracks”. I am not quite sure, but that might be what OP is after in the first place, cause what you would do with this is select a track (or a group of tracks), then use a keyboard shortcut to trigger “zoom selected tracks” and it expands whatever tracks you have selected to about a midrange size. You hit that keyboard shortcut again and it collapses the tracks that you had enlarged. One thing to note about this method is that it makes all the other tracks pretty small, no matter what size they were set at before. But that is perfect for me, Im glad it does that. It makes it so that all the tracks in the season spend the majority of their time as a super super small track height by default, which I like. If I want to take a look at one, or two, or five, I select them, and then I hit the keyboard shortcut for “Zoom Selected Tracks”. When I’m done, I hit the keyboard shortcut and they collapse to the same tiny size as all the other tracks. If OP sees this it might be worth playing around with that one to see if they like it.

For anyone reading my above post looking for a better solution than the ones I provided in that post, I believe I just found the equivalent to “Edit → Zoom → Zoom Selected Tracks” in the shortcut menu. In the Keyboard Commands window it is called “Zoom - Zoom to Tracks Exclusive”. So that way you can assign it to any keyboard shortcut you want right inside of Cubase instead of needing to use MacOS or Autohotkey. I just found this shortcut item so I haven’t done extensive testing but so far it seems to do the exact same thing as “Xoom Selected Tracks”

I also use Zoom Tracks Exclusive but it is not perfect.

Has this been requested yet?

We need a simple key command to vertically zoom out selected track only.

Like: Zoom - Zoom Selected Track

or: Zoom - Zoom Selected Track x rows

this is especially needed for working on macbook pro, where everything is super tiny. The prefs auto zoom setting is not working right, as said before.

Quite surprised that we can’t zoom in vertically on a selected track to a certain amount of rows and then easily undo that zoom.

It’s been years as you see, and the command doesn’t change. I guess Steinberg has a use for this command that you and me cannot comprehend. What I’ve done instead is create this macro, and assign it to Z.


This is for a 2 row track height. If after zooming you want to return to a different track height, keep adding Zoom in Vertically to the bottom.

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Thanks! Works great. :smiley:

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