Zoom MEM and Zoom ZAP issue.

Hi all. Would you check on your systems please the next issue? I can’t reach smooth performig the zoomMEM-zoomZAP function. It works incompletely. MEM does its job right but ZAP often returns to first place only once and never gets back to second place again. Sometimes somehow I can jump forth and back repeatedly, but it’s rather the exception to the issue rule. Thanks in advance.

Cheked this in Cubase 9.5. The same behavior.

Ahhh! I’ve found what I did wrong. I pressed MEM, then jumped to another location and pressed ZAP. Cursor went to first location and stayed there ignoring further pressing ZAP. But what I should do is pressing MEM and at once ZAP then get another location and press ZAPs jumping between these two locations as long as I wish or until keyboard is broken. Why can’t I try it earlier?

An still it behave strange. Like me, seems I’m all alone here talking to myself…

No you’re not. I’m just so fed up with all the little kinks and edges in those features that I stop using them and just do stuff manually, otherwise I drive myself nuts and don’t get any work done.

It seems like an easy thing. Mem zoom, then do something else, and Zap back, while Zap should save where you are and recall the Mem position. But it seems it doesn’t work that way. The way you describe makes no sense to me.