Zoom MIDI Key editors to the same level.

I have two MIDI key editors one on top of the other, I want to be able to view them at the same zoom level so as to be able to discern its timings more easy(‘eye-balling’.)

As it stands, one seems more zoomed than the other, and the zoom tool(by pressing «6») allows an uncountable amount of zoom in and out.

two ways:

Make the parts the same length and use the zoom to event command.

Set the locators and use the zoom to locators command

I suggest you spend some time looking through the key commands, preferences dialog and manual, just to get a feel for the kind of mindset you need to understand to ‘get’ Cubase.

Differnt MIDI editors may possess different events so the first suggestion is not as effective as the second one.
Zoom to selection with alt+s, I think it will zoom in to the selection indicated by the locators.