Zoom on selected notes in Write mode

I just upgraded to Dorico 5 Pro after not using Dorico for almost a year so I’m kind of starting over again learning the program. Forgive the dumb question but is there a setting somewhere that will make a selected note (or group of notes) to be centered as you zoom in on a score?
This was a feature I asked for way back in the ahem Sibelius days and I thought that Dorico did that. However, it’s not working for me with a track pad or mouse wheel.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

There’s a Center Selection keycommand. I can’t remember if there’s a default command for this or not, but you can assign whatever you want.

I use z and x to zoom in and out, and they automatically center on the selection.

z and x does the trick!

Thank you very much.

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