Zoom out button to instantly see entire song

I’m surprised this isn’t a feature, such a simple thing. Would it be possible to have this added?
A button somewhere that pops the timeline out to fill the screen? A lot of DAWs have this.
Currently you have to zoom out manually.

Hi jameslondon74,

Thank you for your message.

As of yet, Cubasis does not have such a button, since zoom in/out via swipe works fairly quick.
Wherever possible, we try to keep the app interface simple and clean.

Hopet that makes sense for you!

Best wishes,

Totally makes sense. However having to ‘reset’ the timeline after being zoomed in on both tracks and timeline takes time. It would be incredibly handy to have one button to instantly rearrange the view to fit all tracks in where possible, along with the entire timeline.

Perhaps call it ‘see all’, that kinda thing.

One for the future wish list?

I agree with that request. Perhaps a special gesture like a double fingers double tap in the arrangement could zoom out?

Perfect solution! This way no additional buttons are needed.

Arranging the view of a project is a very underrated problem, being able to see everything at once is essential to good project management.

I am using iPad Mini, and at times its frustrating panning/pinching to zooming in and out. That double tap idea is perfect, double on a area and zoom in, and double tap out to view entire length, and double tap else where to work on another area. I think it will benefit most users with their workflow.