Zoom/playback behaviour - VariAudio

Have been using Melodyne quite a bit of late; Steinberg, you’ve got to check out how they’ve implemented Zoom and Playback…

  1. Press and hold CTRL+ALT+drag for complete FREE zooming anywhere in the window; its such a breath of fresh air to drag up/down/left/right, for quick, easy, slick zoom/navigation. Currently, Zoom tool in VA only works horizontally. Frustrating.

  2. Playback from wherever the mouse is in the window, with a double-click.! Another double-click (anywhere) to stop. Doing this from the ruler line at top plays back all music in your project; from within the main window alone, plays back ONLY the audio you are editing. Its so fast, and quick and slick.!

I know about Shift+Alt and click anywhere, to postition the playhead in the VA window - but please, can you just make this (gigantic) extra leap, with a double-click to begin/stop playback…?

Thanks for listening.