Zoom position on transport bar

It would be great to have such a shortcut.

When I open a container in the key editor, it shows the beginning of the container. If a shortcut, or a option in the key editor configuration allowed to show the aera around the transport bar, it would be awesome.



This has been feature request many times already. I use the double-press of the F Key Command (Auto-Scroll). It works exactly this way. The first hit of F switches the Auto-Scroll Off. the Second hit of F switches the Auto-Scroll On and forces the editor to scroll to the cursor position.

Actually my FR is, the Key Editor opens at the place, where do I double-click to the MIDI Part. So even if my MIDI Part is at bars 1-100, I can anytime double-click to bar 20 and show the data around bar 20, same as double-click to bar 90 and show the data around bar 90. This is the ideal way for me. :wink:

Thanks for your help. I will try to include the first trick into a macro that edit the container.

Do you have a tip to easily open (in key editor) all the midi tracks at the same time?

You can select them all the press Enter

Thanks powernemo. I was thinking about a shortcut / macro.

I actually have a macro for this but it works one time out or 4 (I feel it works less with Cubase 11)


What steps do you have in the Macro, please?

That would be truly awesome Martin! Simple and effective!

Here is the macro :



Unfortunately it’s known for Cubase’s Macros, they are just fired one by one. Cubase doesn’t know, if the previous action has been executed and also finished. Therefore some Macros don’t work as expected.

There is some kind of “idle” missing. Myself, I’m using File > Save function as kind of “idle”. It doesn’t break anything to save the project. But Cubase always wait (with the other action) until the project has been saved.

In this case, I would put the Save function behind Select in Loop function, to make sure, the selection is really dome properly. Then I would probably put it even after Open Key Editor, to make sure the Editor is open and Cubase will really Zoom in the Editor, not in the Project window.