Zoom preference

I want to store a user zoom preset witch shows all the tracks in the project but with a specific track size.
I created a macro = show project from beginning to the end + show all tracks. soory i don’t relever the exact termes.
But when I do applie this macro the tracks are on the minimum size. maybe I should not post here. How to store that macro but with a different size please ? thanks


Both Samplitude and ProTools have this kind of feature - with a range of buttons to quickly jump between zoom levels.
Very nice, and even more the more hours a day you spend with daw. Things you probably do a thousand times a day.

You assign a certain zoom level to each button, like presets, and jump between in a flash.

You should be able to do what you want using Macros and/or Key Commands. Can you post your current macro so we can see what’s going on.

Yep thanks raino,

I finally find the solution this morning. I just Had to add “zoom vertical in” at the end of my macro quoted above.

It 's time saving.