Zoom r16 and cubase le5

I can’t get them to work together. Can someone please help?

Just what steps have you tried?

I installed cubase then the drivers. When I go to device setup I can’t find anything for zoom in the list of interface or control serface.

What OS?

Have you downloaded the latest drivers and software for your OS?


Are you trying to use it as an audio interface? Control surface?

Have you selected the correct ASIO driver as shown in the software guide?

You are being a bit short with the info are you not?

I also have the R16 and LE5. The learning curve (for a newbie) is steep and I find instructions and tutorials presume the user has more knowledge/experience.

My first hassle was getting the computer and the Zoom to “see each other”. The “Audio Interface” indicator on the Zoom’s LCD display would continue to flash and the computer not recognise the USB device. This hassle continues frequently. Sometimes swapping to different USB port would work, sometimes reinstalling the driver (2 or 3 times) from the CD whilst the zoom was already connected works…

A bit of persistence, and hey presto, this time it works… but next time, it’s like starting over. I haven’t worked out the pattern of the problem and the solution yet, but anyone with clues is welcome to suggest.

Until the Audio Interface stops flashing, its pointless going further.