Zoom r16 Cubase 6 Windows 7 setup Anyone?

Hello every one
and well let me say anyone, has any one ,body , person , thing? , been able to make a zoom r16 with win7 and cubase 6 work together, at this juncture that has taken 1 year to acheive , ( I used a laptop with cubase le4 before this ) after upgrading my PC system , ASUS pro motherboard , quadprocessor, 8 mg of ram on a 64 Bit win 7 Os system it with the zoom has done nothing but crash, I have been making it all work , however the system crashes if I go in to deep, the Driver software for the zoom r16 /64bitor32 seems suspect . Anyone Help !! super brain fried…

Hello Steve,
Ya I tend to agree , I did have no problems running cubase Le4 with the R16 with the usb to win XP but as soon as I upgraded to cubase 6 and win 7 the setup seems impossible to work together, I am considering going to a Prosous 1818 which also is usb but I have been assured that it will work. What do you think.
Thanks for your thoughts on this !

What do you mean “if you go in too deep”? I have a Zoom R24 that I use with Windows 7 and Windows 8; I currently have it ordinarily set up as my soundcard on my Windows 7 machine. It doesn’t cause my machine to crash. My experience with the Zoom R24 and H4n is that if I try to reduce the driver latency too far, the driver stops working - but it doesn’t crash Cubase. This has been my experience with Cubase 6.5 32 bit and 64 bit, and now Cubase 7 64 bit.

Are there reproduceable steps that cause your machine to crash?


Hey Guys ,
Steve thanks for your thoughts , the problem was just getting the basic R16 to run with the 64 bit version of windows , it would crash the system with cubase 6 sometimes before I even opened the program , I had my buddy over who has his PHD in computer engineering and the culprit seemed to be the R16 driver , so he was able to check some aspects I think most even capable people can only dream of, I will include in this post also to plectrumboy that
perhaps the R24 system is more stable with its driver as a unit , there was not one particular step or sequence that in my case would crash the system in particular, but hey I must say I really appreciate your guys thoughts and posts back to me , I am a little disapointed that NO One was Running the R16 with win 7 and cubase 6 in this Forum OR on the R16 forum that you pointed out . I basically had to trade in the R16 and went with a Presonus 1818 SLV and after picking it up and hooking it to my system , IT WORKS Super!!! and I have the latency at 2.3 ms so other than having to say goodby to the R16 I am super happy with the Presonus and ready to get mak’n some music !!!
Thanks you guys for your inputs…
Cheers BUG

I have the same problem with my Zoom R16,Its crash with Windows 7,64 bit…Someone can help me with this?
Or have i got too by some new stuff?


Hello, I ended up having to return the R16 for a loss and aquired a Presonus 1818vsl which at this point works with no problems at all. The presonus works almost the same as a R16/24 hope this helps .

I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I am using the Zoom 16 and Cubase 6.
I was getting the Blue Screen of Death BSD
and it pointed to an audio file from the Zoom
I was plugged into a USB 2.0 and after I plugged into my USB3.0 connection everything ran fine.
Just my 2 cents