ZOOM R16 help

Right, I need someone to help me and confirm something for me.

I am wanting to buy a Zoom R16, can someone confirm whether i am able to record multiple tracks simulatiously within cubase using this piece of kit? I.E, mic up a full drum kit and record each drum (kick, snare, hats etc) onto a seperate track in cubase.

Many thanks in advance

From the front page of the Zoom R16 web page.
I’ve highlighted the bit you need to read.

“The R16 functions as an audio interface enabling direct input of sound to a computer. Support for high quality 24-bit/96kHz encoding ensures great sound. Eight input channels and two output channels can be used simultaneously. If you use the sampling rate of 44.1kHz, the internal DSP effects of the R16 are also usable on your computer tracks. A dedicated control lets you adjust the mixing balance between the DAW playback sound and the direct sound for monitoring.”

so i could only record into two seperate track within cubase?

How do you figure that out?

It says 8 input channels, that would be enough for Kik, Snr, 3 toms, O/H’s and a H/H mic.

No that is not correct, the Zoom R16 can act as a 8 input two output audio interface with ASIO driver.

That is, it can record 8 individual inputs and play back on a monitor system on it’s two outputs via the USB connection to Cubase.

It’s always wise to check the manual first before committing :wink:

Sorry, Split. You are correct :blush: (as usual). I have edited out my false info. I’ll try not to jump the gun in the future.

I have also edited out the info, so now no one can see it :smiley:

I’ll try to be less correct in future :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, man! Now I don’t have to look like a dumbass for all of eternity.


lol, good effort lads :laughing: