zoom r16 setup with cubase le

Hi All,
Complete newb at this and I’ve already spent my day only recording a high degree of frustration and nothing else.

HAve a ZoomR16 console and have finally tried to use it with Cubase 7LE (using windows10). All drivers and firmware are updated, and in the device setup/VST Audio system, I have the zoom R16 selected. That’s kind of where it stops. The menu page under VST for the zoom gives nothing that can be selected and curiously, latency has question marks after if???
Everything on the VST connections page is fixed on “not connected” and I’m unable to select anything else.
I was able to set it as a mackie control but that to has also mysteriously vanished without an option to reselect. I’ve reinstalled driver, reinstalled cubase but I just cannot get to a point of having any audio seletions available.
If i change something on cubase, I get the little piano “ping” through the speakers(monitors from the zoom) so there is some connection.
Any advice?

Hi and welcome,

Zoom drivers are very unstable. I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL instead.

Did you get this fixed? I’m having a similar problem, I can set the drivers and audio input/outputs with the zoom r8 driver but to no avail when trying to record or play back loops, loops are just greyed out and won’t play. My VST audio system is in check with the right driver and the ports are all active so everything should be in check. I was in your position earlier and simply messed around with the windows sound manager making the zoom r8 the dedicated sound whatshamacallit, then ended up disabling my sound card and built in microphone. This got it working okay but still no recording or sound. Curiously and frustratingly when I press record or stop on the zoom r8 it actually registers a sound into cubase through the midi output. When I try to record, the midi output car goes crazy, I don’t know what to do and have been at this for two days I just want to record something already 🤦

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL instead of the native driver.