ZOOM R20 recorder

Does Cubase have a version I can download for this unit?
Downloads from the company did not work.
Supposed to be a complimentary copy with purchase.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can download any Cubase version from the web side or Steinberg Download Assistant. The question is, what your license is?

Then you should have a product activation code on a card.

I checked on the website, there is no Cubase mentioned.

It’s there.

@mariner9mike There’s a download link to Cubase LE on the page linked above.

Sweetwater has some perhaps helpful instructions on how to set up an R series recorder.

On the product page is nowhere written that Cubase LE is bundled with this product.


Did you purchase a ZOOM product that included a download access code for software made by Steinberg?

My Zoom R20 says a copy is included but I do not see a code. Can you help?

Visit the link @mlib posted, it tells you how to get an activation code for this old software.

The R20 was released only last year …

I also don’t recall any marketing material for the R20 that said Cubase LE was bundled.


The bundled Cubase (probably LE) is just a small paper card, usually thrown in the sealed box. Check your box again for good measure.

There’s also the possiblility that you must register your R20 at Zoom, and then maybe the Cubase code will show up in your account.

The shops I looked for the R20 at do not offer a bundled Cubase with it. Where did you buy the R20 from? Why don’t you give them a call and see what they have to say?