Zoom R24 inactive inputs

Upgraded to Win10.

Next: HUEG hassle with the drivers (1.3->2.0), firmware (1.10->1.12) and fixing cubase LE 5 license.

Now, to start with a note: I’m not sure if this problem is with the R24 or with cubase or W10. But, I’m only using cubase with this machine and not planning to use any other. Just because I don’t want to mix several DAWs with it. It’s an AMD FX-8350, R9 380, 16GB and Samsung 850 EVO (512GB). Pretty much loaded for ANY audio editing. Recently it died for that. Cubase hasn’t done any love for it either, because I’m missing 6 inputs. Yes all the inputs are shown, but only two of them are ‘active’. Where’s the rest?

Hi and welcome,

What do you mean by “active”? Can you use them in the VST Connections > Inputs? Did you add enough busses in the VST Connections > Inputs?

Btw, Cubase LE 5 officialy doesn’t support Win10.

You have not connected them to any device port.

How do I do that?

ok, I’ve had it… time to switch, LE doesn’t even want me to use it, not even starting it (stuck on either mackie control or midi). (And NO I’m not going to upgrade) I’ll be back when it wants to be my friend again. Meanwhile I’ll be using something else that DOES work.


Open Devices > VST Connections > Inputs. Add a Bus (Mono or Stereo; depends what signal are you going to record). Once the bus is there, Add an Audio track (Mono or Stereo) and set the Bus you just created as an Input. Now, you can see this Bus as active in the Device Setup.