Zoom r24 & mac high sierra & LE 9.5

Has anyone had success connecting a zoom r24 to a mac running high sierra and the latest updated LE 9.5.
Were there any special tricks?
Did it work straight out of the box and first time with the zoom driver and cubase download?
What does the zoom driver look like in the apple preferences window? Is it populated with info or just blank when you click the icon?
I reckon there are more than a few of us scratching heads on this one.

From previous topics we know that the gear can work ie, r24 connected to a mac running cubase.

Is it a zoom issue or a cubase issue or a mac issue?

Hi Andy

I am beginning to suspect it might be a Cubase issue. I have swopped put my R24 for another R24 from my supplier and still have the same problem.
As a interface it works fine, but it is not detected as a controller.

My next setp is to test it with a different DAW software. which would be a shame as I prefer Cubase.
Some ppl have had success with Sonar.

Any progress on your side?

OK, one step back.

According to this site https://wiki.cockos.com/wiki/index.php/Zoom_R16_R24 the R24 should work with Reaper. Just tried it and the unit is stil not detected as a controller. Once again works fine as an interface.

So that indicates that is might be a Mac issue. If any one can confirm that the R24 actually does work with Reaper.


Got my devices working as a Interface and Controller in Cubase and Reaper!

You Need to make sure that there is no other Midi Drivers that is conflicting with the Zoom Midid Drives.I found an old Native Instruments Midi Driver that was blocking the Zoom Midid Driver. I deleted the NI Driver, restarted my Mac started cubase and everything was working 100% as it should.

I hope this helps you.