Zoom R8 - Mapping faders to send MIDI CC

I recently acquired a Zoom R8, and I have been very happy it came bundled with Cubase LE (at some point in time, I intend to upgrade to Cubase Pro), and I am trying to get my head around it, as regards re-mapping the MIDI data the faders send across, to specific CC messages. For example, I would like to have Fader 1 to send CC1, Fader 2 to send CC11, Fader 3 to send CC7, etc.

I am not using the R8 as a Mackie Control, because that would not give me the ability to send MIDI CC across, as I have gathered. In Cubase, the R8 is listed amongst the MIDI devices. However, I have not succeeded in having the R8 send MIDI CC messages across, and I am very much lost, honestly.

Hope this makes sense, thank you for the assistance!

Hi and welcome,

Wha kind of data does R8 send?

In Cubase, you can change the incoming data in the Input Transformer. Or you can map the incoming data to the parameters directly (statically = Generic Remote Device; or dynamically = Quick Controls).

Hello Martin,
thank you for your reply.

The only time I got the R8 to send data over, it sent Pitch Wheel data, from each of the faders.

I have been investigating going down the route of the Generic Remote, but I was trying to figure out what the different columns in the panel mean. Fader x is self-explanatory, as well as channel. I have assumed Address means the CC number?

I need guidance, to fully understand how to configure the faders in the Generic Remote panel.


Ok it means R8 sends the Mackie Control data, or Pitch ends on Channels 1-8.

The upper part of the Generic Remote is the incoming MIDI data. The easiest way is to use Learn function and “Record” the data. Be aware you have to set the MIDI in first, then you have to click apply button, then you can start to use Learn.

Cheers, Martin, for explaining the workflow, I shall give it a try, and let you know whether I have succeeded in doing that.

After a few days’ break, I have got back to try and see whether I could make the R8 work.
Using the “Learn” function resulted in CC0 being recognised. Unfortunately, Cubase LE does not have the MIDI Input Transformer, therefore, I am stuck with that, until I will upgrade to Pro, which I cannot afford, at the moment, but I intend to.